The green building industry is exploding, and technologies such as powder coating are at the forefront of alternative products. Why? Because powder coating is more than an eco-friendly material – its application is also attained via an eco-conscious process, which leads to a trickle down effect of environmental stewardship on all fronts.

As governments continue to tighten up building regulations, less and less room is left for traditional methods that damage the environment with the use of chemicals, the creation of excess waste and the overuse of natural resources. Coupled with a growing global concern for climate change and preserving our planet for future generations, green initiatives encourage those in the building industry to continually search for new and innovative options.

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Powder Coating: The Product

It all starts with a product that puts the environment first. While traditional liquid paints are solvent based and contain high levels of volatile organic compounds, powder coating contains zero VOCs. Powder coating also contains no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and does not off gas.

But that’s only the beginning.

Because powder coating is not liquid based, it can be packaged using less material and transported in larger quantities, which uses less fuel. Furthermore, a powder coated finish is highly durable, meaning it stands up against temperature fluctuations, moisture, UV exposure and erosion and can go much longer between touch-ups. Powder coating’s strength and hardness maximizes longevity and minimizes the resources required to perform maintenance.

Powder Coating: The Process

Why is Cadillac Coatings’ powder coating process so sustainable?

One word – efficiency.

Our patented Paintline is optimized to put out the highest quality of work using the least amount of energy. The Paintline has the ability to apply powder coating to a material, bake it and cure it within only minutes. Powder coating is precisely and uniformly applied, eliminating mistakes such as drips and unevenly coated material. And, of course, less mistakes mean less resources required to fix them.  Furthermore, while our technology minimizes any overspray, powder that doesn’t end up on the product can be collected and recycled or even reused. This means less energy and resources consumed in order to produce more powder and less hazardous waste in landfills.

Now that’s eco-friendly!

Powder Coating: The Answer to All Your Finishing Needs

If you aren’t already convinced that powder coating is the superior choice when it comes to sustainable finishing options, consider this – the carbon footprint of powder coating is up to ten times less than that of solvent-based coatings. Powder coating offers a multitude of options in colour and texture, while our Cadillac Coatings guarantee offers a 15-year warranty.

Powder coating is truly the answer to all your finishing needs. Aesthetic appeal, quality of finish, hardness, durability, ease of application, selection and, of course, environmental friendliness.

When it comes to powder coating – what’s not to love?