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Test Results: Weathering Tests on Various Coated Panels


This section includes Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc.'s guide specification for powder coating non‑conductive materials. The powder coating equipment used, Paintline, has been patented in the United States and Canada by Cadillac Coatings Inc.. The Paintline equipment electrostatically sprays powder onto substrates and melts with IR and cures with UV without VOC's (volatile organic compounds) or off-gassing. The process takes two to ten minutes from 'start to stacking' at about 1.5 - 7.5 metres per minute (5 – 25 feet per minute) depending on substrate, colour, and density; reducing costs and delivery schedules (ideal for sheet goods, panels, and long boards). In order to meet Paintline specifications, maximum material dimensions that may be processed for powder coating are 1524 mm (5 feet) width, 76 mm (3 inch) height, and 6096 mm (20 feet) length.


1.1.1 This Section specifies the requirements for powder coating non‑conductive substrates such as medium density fibreboard (MDF), composite woods, oriented strand board (OSB), high density fibreboard (HDF), other composite paneling, magnesium board (MGO), cement board, and other non‑metallic and non‑conductive materials.


SPEC NOTE: Edit Related Requirements to include materials to be powder-coated in accordance with the requirements of this Section 09 96 73. There are many substrate materials that may be powder coated - identify them below as required to reflect the design intent of the project.

1.2.1 [Section 06 05 83 – Shop Applied Wood Coatings.]
1.2.2 [Section 06 20 00 – Finish Carpentry.]
1.2.3 [Section 06 40 00 – Architectural Woodwork.]
1.2.4 [Section 06 60 00 – Plastic Fabrications.]
1.2.5 [Section 06 82 00 – Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic.]
1.2.6 [Section 07 42 00 – Wall Panels.]
1.2.7 [Section 07 44 00 – Faced Panels.]
1.2.8 [Section 07 46 00 – Siding.]
1.2.9 [Section 09 06 00 – Schedule for Finishes.]
1.2.10 [Section 09 27 00 – Plaster Fabrications.]
1.2.11 [Section 09 30 00 – Tiling.]
1.2.12 [Section 09 51 00 – Acoustical Ceilings.]
1.2.13 [Section 09 54 00 – Specialty Ceilings.]
1.2.14 [Section 09 74 00 – Flexible Wood Sheets.]
1.2.15 [Section xx xx xx – xxxxx xxxxx.] 


 SPEC NOTE: Include LEED references for LEED projects only. Only specify the LEED rating system applicable to the project for the options indicated.
1.3.1 Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) LEED Canada for New Construction (NC) 2009 LEED® Canada for Core and Shell Development (CS) 2009 LEED® Canada for Commercial Interiors (CI) 2006 LEED® Canada for Homes (H) 2009 


1.4.1 Product Data: Submit powder formula cured physical properties for each type of substrate application indicated. Submit transportation, storage, and handling requirements pertaining to powder coated Products. Submit coating maintenance and touch-up guidelines.
1.4.2 Submit Samples for Initial Section: For each type of powder coat substrate application indicated.
1.4.3 Submit Samples for Verification:  For each type of powder coating application and in each colour, pattern, texture and gloss indicated. Submit Samples on substrate materials specified, 305 mm (12 inches) square. Label each sample with Contract number and title, colour name and number, sheen name and gloss values, date, and name of manufacturer. Label each Sample for location and application area.
1.4.4 Submit Product List: For each substrate indicated.  Cross-reference Products to powder coating finish colour, pattern, sheen and texture, and locations of application areas.  Use same designations indicated on Drawings and in schedules.
1.4.5 Sustainable Design Submittals: For each powder coating substrate application, submit printed MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets) and printed documentation confirming that the coating does not off-gas, contains no solvents, no VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), no heavy metals, and produces no hazardous materials.
SPEC NOTE: Include LEED references for LEED projects only. Only specify the LEED rating system applicable to the project for the options indicated.
1.4.6 LEED Submittals: Submit in accordance with Section 01 35 21 - LEED Requirements: Submit LEED submittal forms for Recycled Content in accordance with Section 01 35 21 – LEED Requirements. Indicate the following:
 Recycled Content: provide listing of products incorporating recycled content.  Include details of percentages of post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content for materials and products.  Indicate material and product costs. Submit LEED submittal forms for Regional Materials in accordance with Section 01 35 21 – LEED Requirements.  Indicate the following:
 Regional Materials: Submit data confirming use of building materials or products that have been extracted, harvested, recovered and processed within 800 km, or 2400 km if shipped by rail or water, of the final manufacturing site. Submit LEED submittal forms for Construction Waste Reduction in accordance with Section 01 35 21 - LEED Requirements.  Indicate the following:
 Reduced construction waste. Calculate the weight or volume of waste generated and divide that by the building floor area of the project. Submit records confirming weight or volume of weight generated per Section 01 35 21 requirements.
 Increased waste diversion. Divert 25% or more of the total materials taken off the construction site from landfills and incinerators. Calculate the percentage using either weight or volume. Submit records confirming weight or volume of weight generated per Section 01 35 21 requirements.
1.4.7 Warranty: At completion of Contract submit powder coating manufacturer’s two year coating warranty. 


1.5.1 Mock-ups:  Apply benchmark samples of each coating substrate application indicated to verify preliminary selections made under sample submittals and to demonstrate aesthetic effects and set quality standards for Products and execution. Consultant will select one surface to represent surfaces and conditions for application of each type of finish and substrate.
 Wall and Ceiling Surfaces:  Provide samples of at least 100 sq. ft. (9 sq. m).
 Other Items:  Consultant will designate items or areas required. Apply benchmark samples after permanent lighting and other environmental services have been activated. Final approval of colour selections will be based on benchmark samples.
 If preliminary colour selections are not approved, apply additional benchmark samples of additional colours selected by Consultant at no added cost to Owner 


1.6.1 Transport, handle, store, and protect Products in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed guidelines.
1.6.2 Store Products off ground, and protected from direct sunlight.
1.6.3 Protect Products from exposure to harmful weather conditions.  Store at temperature and humidity conditions recommended by supplier.
1.6.4 Remove damaged or deteriorated Products from site.


1.7.1 Ambient Conditions: Maintain area where Products are being installed at a uniform temperature and humidity for 24 hours prior to, during and after installation in accordance with supplier’s guidelines; provide additional lighting to maintain a minimum of 430 lx on surfaces and areas where work is being installed.


1.8.1 Separate waste materials for recycling in accordance with Section 01 74 21 - Construction/Demolition Waste Management and Disposal. 


1.9.1 Manufacturer’s standard two year limited coating warranty. 

Part 2 Products


 2.1.1 Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc. 8918 - 18 StreetEdmonton, AlbertaT6P 1K6
Phone 1-780-416-0361Fax: 1-780-416-0365
E-mail: info@cadillaccoatings.ca
2.1.2 Substitutions: [Refer to Section [01 25 00].] [Not permitted.] [Refer to Instructions to Bidders.] 


2.2.1 Powder Coating Equipment: Paintline, as manufactured by Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc., permitting a one‑coat patented production process operating at approximately 7.5 meters per minute (25 feet per minute) that does not require additional curing time.
2.2.2 Powder Coating Materials: Ultraviolet‑curing powder supplied and recommended by manufacturer to suit substrate and finish requirements, meeting data sheet powder formula cured physical properties for each substrate material. Touch-up coating materials recommended by powder coating manufacturer as required for post-installation repairs.
2.2.3 Substrate Materials: Substrates for coating: In order to meet Paintline specifications, maximum material dimensions that may be processed for powder coating are 1829 mm (6 feet) width, 76 mm (3 inch) height, and 6096 mm (20 feet) length. Deliver materials for powder coating Paint Grade surface-ready, clean, free of dust and bond‑inhibiting substances, and ready for fabrication. Substrates shall be dry. Wood Products, and other Products that may absorb or retain moisture shall have a moisture content between 4 ‑ 15%.
Spec Note:  consult Manufacturer for more information on additives
2.2.4 [Additives:] [Add anti-bacterial additive to powder formula to coat indicated Products.]
2.2.5 Finishes: Texture, colour, pattern and gloss for each Product to be powder coated shall be [in accordance with] [samples provided by Consultant][,][the finish schedule] [and] [as indicated][as selected by Consultant].
Spec Note:  Manufacturer can confirm colours and availability if different from RAL or Pantone Plus colour charts [Select colour(s) from RAL or Pantone Plus Colour Charts] [in accordance with the finish schedule.][as selected by Consultant.][as accepted by Owner.] [Match specialist finishes indicated, replicating surface texture of sample(s) provided.]
Spec Note for the following: One (1) side is top only, five (5) sides is top and four (4) sides. The surfaces to be coated (1, 5, or 6) for each Product shall be [as indicated or otherwise required to meet the design intent][as selected by the Consultant].

Part 3 Execution


3.1.1 Compliance: Comply with powder coating manufacturer's guidelines and data sheets.


 3.2.1 Verify site conditions in accordance with Section 01 71 00.
3.2.2 Examine substrates and conditions for compliance with requirements for maximum moisture content and other conditions affecting performance of work.
3.2.3 Verify compatibility with and suitability of substrates.
3.2.4 Begin coating application only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected and surfaces are dry.
3.2.5 Coating application indicates acceptance of surfaces and conditions. 


 3.3.1 Comply with manufacturer's written instructions and recommendations applicable to substrates indicated.
3.3.2 Remove plates, machined surfaces, and similar items already in place that are not to be powder coated. After completing coating operations, reinstall items that were removed; use workers skilled in the trades involved.
3.3.3 Clean substrates of substances that could impair bond of powder coating, including dirt, oil, grease, and incompatible paints, primers and encapsulants.
3.3.4 Prepare substrates to provide required finished appearance prior to powder coating and in accordance with the powder coating manufacturer’s requirements.


3.4.1 Factory apply powder coating to achieve required finishes and performance criteria. Use powder coat formula and method suitable to substrate, location (exterior or interior) and finish indicated. Powder coat thickness to be as required to meet powder formula cured physical properties from manufacturer’s printed data sheets. Powder coat surfaces behind movable equipment and furniture same as similar exposed surfaces.  Before final installation, coat surfaces behind permanently fixed equipment or furniture with prime coat compatible with powder coating. Powder coat back sides of access panels, removable or hinged covers, and similar hinged items to match exposed surfaces.
3.4.2 Apply powder coatings to produce a uniform and consistent surface coverage with no seams, layers, lines or other surface imperfections.  Produce sharp lines and colour breaks where required.  


3.5.1 Fabricate Products using powder coated materials in accordance with Related Requirements, the Drawings and as required to meet the design intent.
3.5.2 Prime and paint cut-outs, uncoated edges, ends, faces, undersides, and back sides with compatible coating system in accordance with powder coating manufacturer’s guidelines.
3.5.3 Install Products in accordance with the Drawings and Related Requirements. 


3.6.1 Protect finished Work in accordance with Section 01 45 00 – Quality Control.
3.6.2 Protect work of other trades against damage from Product installation and related site coating operation.  Correct damage by cleaning, repairing, replacing, and recoating, as approved by Consultant, and leave in an undamaged condition.
3.6.3 At completion of construction activities of other trades, touch up and restore damaged or defaced coated surfaces using touch-up materials recommended by powder coating manufacturer.