There was a time when liquid paint was the be-all and end-all of exterior finishing in architecture and commercial design. It’s readily available, easy to use and affordable: what’s not to like? Yet, as building construction professionals and the public continue to learn more about how harmful chemicals in liquid paint negatively impact our health and the environment, the need for an eco-friendly alternative becomes more apparent.

Enter Powder Coating

As powder coating continues to grow in popularity, it is as important as ever to recognize how this environmentally friendly method has revolutionized both interior and exterior finishing. With no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), no solvents, enhanced durability and a beautiful, high-quality finish, powder coating truly is the way of the future. Come join us there!

The Age of the Green Building

Nowadays, the greener a building is – the better. Not only does a green building mean a reduced impact on the environment, it also could mean governmental rebates at the municipal, provincial and federal level. From site prep to building construction to the finishing touches, we live in a time where green options are aplenty. Powder coating is the perfect compliment to an eco-friendly residence, school, office tower, warehouse and the list goes on. Versatility is just one reason to choose powder coating over liquid paint. The peace of mind that comes with making the cleanest and greenest choice possible is another.

Powder Coating – It’s Everywhere

You may not realize it, but you likely come in contact with powder coating on a daily basis. Items such as coffee makers and infant cribs as well as rough and tough machinery like chainsaws and bulldozers are all finished with powder coating. Why? Because it’s strong enough to put up with everyday wear and tear, yet it releases no harmful chemicals into the environment. While liquid paint contains solvents, powder coating does not, which means reduced health risks for those applying it due to fewer hazardous materials.

As Green as It Gets

Powder coating takes environmental friendliness to the next level by being recyclable. Any overspray can be collected and reapplied, while any excess material that is not reused can be recycled. Further, the entire powder coating process from unfinished material to coated and cured takes only minutes, reducing the amount of energy consumed. Even at the transportation level, powder coating has liquid paint beat. While liquid paint is heavy and takes up much more space during the transport stage, powder coating is extremely light thus a larger volume can be sent in one shipment.


A Clear Choice

With growing awareness toward climate change and a focus on increased sustainability within government regulations, products that place the well being of the environment first are a necessity. No longer is it about choosing an exterior finishing product based on familiarity. It’s about choosing a product that lives up to expectations regarding ease of application and durability, yet still places environmental impact first. Powder coating is that product and we at Cadillac Coatings believe the choice between powder and paint is crystal clear.

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