• Powder Coating Equipment:

Paintline, as manufactured by Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc., permitting a one‑coat patented production process operating at approximately 7.5 meters per minute (25 feet per minute) that does not require additional curing time.


  • Powder Coating Materials:

Ultraviolet‑curing powder supplied and recommended by manufacturer to suit substrate and finish requirements, meeting data sheet powder formula cured physical properties for each substrate material.

Touch-up coating materials recommended by powder coating manufacturer as required for post-installation repairs.


  • Substrate Materials:

Substrates for coating: In order to meet Paintline specifications, maximum material dimensions that may be processed for powder coating are 6 feet in width, 7 inch in height, and 6096 mm (20 feet) length.

Deliver materials for powder coating Paint Grade surface-ready, clean, free of dust and bond‑inhibiting substances, and ready for fabrication.

Substrates shall be dry. Wood Products, and other Products that may absorb or retain moisture shall have a moisture content between 4 ‑ 15%.


  • Finishes:

Texture, colour, pattern and gloss for each Product to be powder coated shall be in accordance with samples provided by Consultant, the finish schedule and as indicated as selected by Consultant.