Need some help finding information, inspiration and practical online tools to aid you in your next design project? We know that sometimes inspiration can be hard to come by, and that every once in a while you just need a little push to get you to where you need to be. Look no further than the resources gathered below!

For Research

If you’re the kind of designer who likes to gather as much information as possible before beginning a project, then these sites will give you everything you need – and more. Arts & Architecture’s online articles are a wealth of knowledge on historical design topics and important figures such as Charles Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The US Modernist Library is the largest online reference for modernist architecture, with over 1 million pages archived. If you’re looking for visual information, then RIBApix is a must. Containing over 95,000 photos and drawings from the Royal Institute of British Architects’ collection, this digital archive offers all images at a low resolution for free.


For Inspiration

Sure, you could just google “architecture” and see what comes up. Or you could visit one of these websites dedicated to delivering accurate and detailed information about the world’s most innovative architectural projects. ArchDaily calls itself “the world’s most visited architecture website” and has a massive database of both past and current architectural projects.

Dezeen is an online architecture and interiors magazine dedicated to presenting carefully selected projects and news from the world of building and design. Lastly, check out popular website Design Milk for what’s new in architecture, interior design, furniture, decor, fashion and technology.


For Getting the Job Done

Now that you’re filled to the brim with info and inspiration – it’s time to get to work! In need of some details and specs to help speed things along? Visit ARCAT for blocks and more, including BIM objects and systems, up to date specifications and green product information.

Need some help coming up with a colour palette to make your design presentation pop? Try I Want Hue, which helps users create complimentary colour palettes with the click of a button. Working on a rendering and want to drop in some images of people and objects sans background? Background Burner turns selected parts of an image either white or transparent.



For the Finishing Touches

A beautifully designed building needs equally beautiful finishes. From exterior siding, to roofing, to paint colours, to lighting, to windows and doors – the quality of the finishing touches is what really makes a design shine. While it’s always great to support local businesses and manufacturers, searching for products online gives a good idea of what’s available and what’s on trend.

Check out innovative siding from Edmonton’s Lenmak Exteriors, cool lighting from Calgary-based company Carrington and efficient windows from Energy Star ambassadors All Weather Windows. And don’t forget to download Cadillac Coatings’ very own e-book, where you’ll learn all about the three pillars of powder coating – aesthetic, performance and sustainability. The perfect finish to your perfect project.


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