With colour preference being so subjective, it can be difficult to know which colour direction to take for a commercial building exterior. Subtle? Bold? Trendy? Traditional? Here are three tips to help you on your colour selection journey to really help make your commercial building shine.

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Upper Windermere Condo Complex

Listen to the Owner

While this tip may seem obvious, designers and architects sometimes believe they’re listening to what the owner wants when in fact they’re telling the owner what they want. While it’s important that the person whose name will be associated with the design is happy with the final results, it’s more important that the final results come from combining the ideas of both owner and designer. Ask the owner if they have any strong feelings towards certain colours or colour combinations. Instead of talking them into your vision, find out what theirs is and go from there.

Trend Watch

Have you ever wondered where colour trends come from? Collectively as a society, we decide what colours are in and out. These decisions help shape the businesses, facilities and institutions that make up our towns and cities. Current trends include a return of historical colours and textures, metallics like copper and bronze as accents and dark or coloured window frames. A dark colour paired with natural woods is another popular choice for its dramatic, yet simple, look. That being said, the most important factor in trendwatching is knowing when to go another direction. Sometimes trends – much like rules – are meant to be broken.


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Hotello Grand Prairie

Green Goes with Any Colour

With eco-conscious design being a current hot topic, most clients will be open – even insistent – on an environmentally friendly paint product. Enter Cadillac Coatings. Our powder coating is not only free from hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), but it’s also applied with sustainability and longevity in mind. Plus, because powder coating is a solid and not a liquid like traditional paints, it can be packaged using less materials and transported in larger quantities – reducing waste and saving money. And being green doesn’t limit your options when it comes to colour selection. We offer every colour under the sun with our custom matching service.

Other Considerations

The above three tips are just the beginning. There are many more factors to consider when selecting commercial building colours. Consider your target audience. What type of customer are you trying to attract? Young and trendy? Sophisticated and worldly? No nonsense and hardworking? A combination of all of the above? Colour associations also play into the selection process. Much research has gone into colour theory – the idea that certain colours elicit different emotional responses. Try red for power and energy, yellow for joy and optimism and green for nature and health. And don’t forget about how the absence of colour can sometimes make the strongest statement of all. Plus, selecting lighter colours for the majority of a building’s exterior helps reflect the sun, which means a more energy efficient, eco-friendly building.

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Daycare – Puzzle Pieces

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