When it comes to finishing a surface, we’re all looking for that “magic” product that’s easy to apply, looks beautiful and lasts forever. 

It's true that there's no such thing as magic, or the illusion of "forever." That being said, there is such thing as a really, really long time – which is what powder coating is all about.

Powder coating is resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping, abrasion, rust and damage due to chemical exposure. While it isn’t indestructible, it is highly durable, retains colour and gloss, goes on uniformly, has excellent UV stability and is a far more environmentally friendly option than traditional liquid paint. 


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Why is powder coating so durable? 

Powder coating provides superior coverage compared to finishing agents such as liquid paint because – just as its name says – it coats the material it’s been applied to. The coating, which can be applied, baked and cured in only minutes, creates a protective layer that holds up against even the harshest elements. However, any damage done to the powder-coated layer provides the opportunity for moisture to penetrate and rust to form. 

How unchecked damage can lead to rust 

Powder coating is most commonly used in the automotive industry, and the rusting of a vehicle is a good example of how damage can lead to corrosion if it isn’t immediately dealt with. A car with a powder-coated bumper travelling at high speeds will inevitably encounter rock chips. Once the protective powder coating has been penetrated, moisture is able to work its way under the finish and rust will begin to form. When left alone, rust acts like a cancer and will spread and slowly erode the finish. However, if a chip, scratch or crack is swiftly taken care of, the spreading of the rust will cease. 

Our warranty can't be beat 

Essentially, there are two ways to ensure a powder-coated finish lasts as long as possible.


1) Ensure that it is properly applied

2) Ensure that it is properly taken care of both during and after installation


How well a powder coating is applied will largely depend on who is completing the task, which is why it’s so important to find a reputable and knowledgeable powder coating company. Cadillac Coatings offers a 15-year warranty on our powder coating finish because we believe it has that kind of staying power. 


Cadillac Coatings: In it for the long haul 

Even though our powder coating application process takes just minutes to complete, it is far more precise and involved than that of liquid paint. In our fast-paced world, and in the world of design, the allure of all things quick, cheap and easy is undeniable. But, as the saying goes, “easy on, easy off.” At Cadillac Coatings, we believe there is a difference between a job completed in an economical, efficient manner and one completed as fast as possible. We are not in this business for quick fixes – we are in it for the long haul. And we’d love for you to join us.