Our vision at Cadillac Coatings is to provide our customers with as near perfect product and as near perfect service as is humanly possible - and to do so at the lowest possible cost to them and to the environment. 

Excellence of Finish

Our top priority is to provide the highest possible quality on every single project. We conduct elaborate tests before every production run to ensure best adhesion and finish. Each finished piece is individually checked and strict adherence to Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc. quality control standards is maintained.

Environmental Awareness

Green! Our unmatched and unwavering commitment to the environment allowed us to design a completely environment friendly process. Our coating process has no off-gases, no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), no HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and produces no hazardous materials of any kind.

Energy Savings

Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc. automated coating process allows it to save energy on every aspect of production and thus results in a smaller carbon footprint than any other coating process in the industry.


Our process is extremely efficient, taking as little as five minutes from start to stacking. The process operates at approximately 10 feet per minute and does not require additional curing time; touch-up, refinishing or special handling. Almost 98% of sprayed powder is collected and re-used.


With the increased durability of powder coating, high volume output capacity and a highly efficient and economical process, Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc. is able to pass more savings and value to its customers.