Consistent Coverage

Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc. provides uniform and consistent surface coverage with no seams, layers or lines. It is a very durable finish that is resistant to wear, scuffing, and stains. The finish is also resistant to UV light, temperature, and moisture. 
Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc. offers a variety of uniform textures (fine to coarse), finishes (low to high gloss), endless color selection, clear coats, and translucent coatings. The coatings are made specific to the application, such as a specific texture to hide finger prints or a more coarse finish for industrial materials and of course colors can be customized to meet the aesthetics desired.

Surfaces and Edges 

One of the benefits of powder coating is seamless edge and contour coverage. Cadillac's patented process ensures that an even layer of powder adheres to every square millimetre of the coated surface, regardless of shape or contour. When the powder is baked in the curing oven, it bakes in place and adheres to the spot on which it was sprayed. This means that ridges won't have thinner coatings, and excess material won't pool and collect in depressions.
Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc. offers complete coverage options to our customers:

  • One Sided Finish: Front of the product
  • Five Sided Finish: Front and all sides
  • Six Sided Finish: Front, back, and all sides

Environmental Considerations

With no Vvolatile organic compounds found in powder coating, no solvents, a long-lasting enhanced durability not found in liquid, and a beautiful, high-quality finish, powder coating truly is the way of the environmentally friendly future. 

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