Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc.

Western Canada's Best Choice for Powder Coating of Non-Conductive Materials.

Cadillac Coatings Canada Inc. (CCCI) has developed a patented process for factory powder coating (non-conductive) materials. This revolutionary, patented technology is an environmentally friendly process that guarantees a more consistent, accurate and high quality finish. It is a more dependable, durable, and upscale alternative to traditional overlays and liquid applications.

With over 25 years at the helm of a cabinet manufacturing business, Dennis Pidzarko (our President) is intimately aware of the problems and issues surrounding the finishing of wood and other materials. "Paint and varnish use solvents requiring several coats and are sensitive to dust and humidity, taking a long time to apply and cure. The whole process takes about four days and requires large warehouse space," Dennis explained. "I was looking for something more controllable. Powder used on metals are organic and have no fumes. I started playing with ideas to create a machine that would apply a similar powder coating to wood".

We powder coat large-scale interior and exterior architectural design projects offering 2500 colour options while being friendly to our environment. 

The Paintline

Cadillac coatings' PATENTED TECHNOLOGY

Finer Cement Composite Cladding

Magnesium Oxide Board

Aluminum (Cladding, Trims, Flashings)

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Engineered Wood Composite

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

High Density Fiberboard (HDF)

Our Partners


The finish is fantastic and I have not seen any issues at all. Thanks again for going that extra mile preparing the material so we could keep moving forward with our project. I’ve had great feed back from the homeowner and I myself am very impressed with the durability and finish.
— Arne Tingstad - Estate Exteriors
The team at Cadillac goes the extra mile to get our products finished on time and on budget. We will continue to use and recommend their services.
— Nick Beaudoin. General Manager. JKR Concepts Ltd.
Cadillac Coatings has done a great job handing us and our products with great timing and very good service.
— Lionel Organ - Alberta Sound Exteriors LTD
Came to Cadillac Coatings with a difficult order and they had no problem changing their production to keep our project on schedule, will definitely work with them again on future projects.
— Dale, Midform Custom Flashing
Thinking linear powder coating? Think Cadillac Coatings. Linear coating to your exterior needs, automated, trusted.
— Ray Turner – President of Lenmak Exteriors
We have done a few projects with Cadillac and even when they are running at full capacity they are able to hit tight deadlines. I have no problem using them for any of my future Powder coating requirements.
— Rob Strunk | General Manager at Acron Metal Fabrications Limited
We have worked with Cadillac Coatings on a few significantly sized projects, one specifically The Keg in Medicine Hat, AB. Although we were forced to put Cadillac into a very time sensitive situation, they went above and beyond to have our finishing completed within our time limits. Our customers as well as my team were impressed with the quality of finish that they provide and working with both Dennis and Cheryl was a pleasure. The commitment and dedication they put into their work and customer service is something that we anticipate working with on many more projects in the future.
— Greg Hansen – Andjak Construction