There’s a worldwide drive to create a more sustainable construction industry, with markets such as the United Kingdom looking outside its borders for new and innovative technology. In 2013, the U.K.’s Technology Strategy Board – now called Innovate U.K. – set up the Surface Engineering and Advanced Coatings Special Interest Group to identify where investment will best help U.K. manufacturers realize the market opportunities opened up by the application of SEACs such as ceramic coating and powder coating. Cadillac Coatings fits seamlessly into this initiative as the main focus of our company is providing a durable powder coating finish via an environmentally friendly application process.

Speed, Efficiency, Durability

Although finishing powder was once used solely on conductive products such as vehicles, Cadillac Coatings has developed a patented process that allows powder paint to adhere to a wide variety of non-conductive materials such as slate and stone veneer, medium density fibreboard, wood composite, oriented strand board, magnesium board and more. The speed and efficiency of the Paintline – Cadillac Coatings’ powder coating machine – paired with the durability of each finished product presents a powerful alternative to the traditional site coated product market.


Much like in North America, where programs such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) have created incentive to build in a more sustainable fashion, the U.K. has begun to place more importance on the use of practices, materials and finishes that are highly efficient, durable and release little to no toxins into the atmosphere. In the UK, the world-renowned program Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM ) offers credits for environmentally conscious design measures. Cadillac Coatings powder coating paint process qualifies for credits in the categories of Indoor Air Quality, Material Efficiency, Responsible Construction Practices and Designing for Durability and Resilience.

An Evolving Industry

Not only is the U.K. looking to further the use of natural renewable materials, the construction market itself has already evolved to a state primed for the off-site manufacturing and finishing of building components. A recognized skills gap in the trades has led to the need for a new way of creating infrastructure, one that utilizes locally grown and manufactured products and provides them with a cost-effective finish to extend longevity. Thanks to the length of time a powder coated finish lasts between re-coatings, powder coating prices are extremely affordable when spread across a product’s whole life performance.

Making Sustainability Mainstream

The U.K. powder coating industry already employs over 300,000 people, a number that will only increase as innovative technologies such as the Paintline are adopted. Organizations such as Cadillac Coatings further encourage the shift from traditional on-site finishing with unsustainable products such as liquid paint toward the use of green materials and finishes. The more the building industry – and the public – is made aware of powder coating and its versatility, durability and sustainability, the more this finishing option moves from being considered an alternative to being part of the mainstream.