While powder coating and the technology used for its application was first developed in the 1960s, it wasn’t until the late 1990s and early 2000s that UV-curable powder paint systems were introduced. Twenty years later, it has become apparent the integral role this affordable, efficient and sustainable method of finishing will play in the greening of the construction industry.

Taking the Industry by Storm

Sales of UV-cured powder coatings have grown exponentially over the years and are expected to continue to rise in popularity as architects, designers, material specifiers, purchasing agents and other industry professionals turn to powder coating paint for its long product life cycle. So what makes powder coating prices so much more affordable than traditional solvent-borne paints?

It’s All About the Footprint

One concrete example of how a finishing powder such as ceramic coating saves major costs compared to traditional paints is the amount of space required to accommodate these two different technologies. On average, a UV-cured powder coating machine and the materials required to run it requires 2,050 square feet of plant floor. Meanwhile, a traditional paint system with a similar speed and density requires 16,000 square feet. Nearly eight times the floor space means a significantly larger cost to build the facility, light it, heat and cool it, which transfers to product costs. Of course, the building’s physical footprint isn’t only larger – so is the building’s carbon footprint. Add to that the fact that solvent-borne paints release VOCs and other hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere, while powder coating does not, and the benefit of UV-curable finishing powder grows exponentially.

UV-Curable Powder Coating – As Unique as it Gets

Cost savings and sustainability are two very important reasons why powder coating paint is becoming the finish of choice, but they’re only the beginning. The previously mentioned extended life cycle of materials coated with powder paint also translates into durability that keeps the finished material both protected and looking beautiful for years to come. Further, because powder paint is a solid, it’s easier to apply, control and blend compared to liquid finishes meaning colour changes can be accomplished in minutes, resulting in a completely uniform finish. But what truly makes UV-curable powder coating systems unique is the separation of the melt/flow and cure cycles. By separating these functions, the powder coating machine is able to control each stage with a precision and efficiency that is unparalleled in other finishing applications.

Precision Meets Passion

With all that being said, it’s no surprise we at Cadillac Coatings are passionate about UV-curable powder coating and its potential to provide a cost effective, highly customizable material finish that remains one of the most environmentally friendly products in the building industry. But what we’re most passionate about is delivering our clients with a stellar service experience that begins on first contact and ends with a superior finish that meets – or exceeds – their expectations.

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