Architects are always searching for the best way to showcase their designs, while contractors need simple installation solutions to bring buildings to life. And thanks to aluminum extrusions by EasyTrim Reveals, both designer and installer get what they want – all with the added bonus of Cadillac Coatings’ high-quality powder coated finish. But what exactly is EasyTrim? Read on to find out! 


What is EasyTrim? 

Cadillac Coatings supports companies that have the same values as we do. EasyTrim Reveals is a brand that believes customers should be able to affordably protect their siding choices and – more importantly – what’s underneath. 

The average building user – whether that be a homeowner, employees at a warehouse, or those visiting a retail store – rarely thinks about how a building’s facade works to keep water out. And thanks to products like EasyTrim, which creates beautiful exterior grid patterns while simultaneously protecting joints from water penetration – they won’t have to.

The Fiber Cement System 

Fiber cement is a great option for a building facade. It’s known for its longevity and – by the way – we can coat it too. But it’s heavy, and cuts made by installers on a job site don’t always look tidy. EasyTrim Reveals Fiber Cement System offers a 1/2" tab that hides the imperfections of field cuts. 

If you’re on the lookout for low maintenance grid patterns, pairing fiber cement with EasyTrim Reveals and a powder coated finish is about as low maintenance as it gets. Want things even easier? EasyTrim’s Fiber Cement System is compatible with the 5/16” panels and lapped plank from every major fiber cement manufacturer.

The Quick Panel System 

The QuickPanel System by EasyTrim Reveals is a full system that includes every component required to complete a building’s exterior. The system’s panels consist of two aluminium sheets bonded to either a fire resistant or polyethylene core. 

The QuickPanels are fastened in place with aluminum extrusions similar to those used in EasyTrim’s Fiber Cement System, and they – of course – can be powder coated. Further, thanks to Cadillac Coatings’ colour matching technology, both panels and trim can coordinate with anything from your brand’s logo colours to the colour of the sky.

Waste Not 

These days almost everyone in the building industry is talking about sustainability. And if they aren’t – they should be. As EasyTrim Reveals puts it, “sustainability is a virtue.” At Cadillac Coatings we want to further that statement by saying that sustainability isn’t just a virtue, it’s a necessity. 

Our patented powder coating technology contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants). Our one-stop Paintline is fast and efficient. Over-sprayed powder is collected and reused. Nothing is wasted. And that’s a good thing.

To learn more about how we can coat anything – including products by EasyTrim Reveals – contact us today!