Selecting an exterior colour for a condominium or apartment building is no easy task, mostly because the decision affects thousands of different people. 

Perhaps this is why you will notice that the exterior colour of a building is often neutral with the colours ranging in various shades of tan, beige, or in more recent instances, grey. 

Why, exactly, are buildings coloured this way?

The simple answer is because neutral colours don’t elicit negative reactions from tenants.  The more complex answer is that the choice needs to be carefully considered since the colour choice influences an individual's health and wellness - and potential buying interest.

If you do a quick Google search about colours, you’ll soon discover that one of the common topics is the psychological effects of them. This is because when you think of certain colours, you’re likely to associate them with emotions. 

For example, the colour yellow is affiliated with sunshine and happiness. While this makes the colour seem like the most desirable choice for tenant satisfaction, it’s actually problematic because many individuals find it to be undesirable. 

The opposite is said for blue as it is believed to be the most common “favourite colour.” Blue is also noted to have a calming effect - yet we still don’t see many office buildings or condominiums exteriors painted this way. This is because they are tasked with finding a colour that can be appealing or at the very least tolerated by thousands of individuals. 

The colours matching these attributes tend to be neutral colours like grey, brown and cream. In addition to being neutral, the colours are known for being soothing and relaxing. So, the building will not only be enticing for tenants living there, but also be tolerable for the block that it resides within. The Hotello in Grand Prairie Alberta, Canada offers an excellent example of neutral colours working together to create a calming yet enticing atmosphere.

While it seems simple to choose a neutral colour for an apartment building, choosing the colour for a multi-family facility is definitely challenging since you need to please a multitude of people. It’s not only a monetary investment but also one that determines the moral of the individuals residing in the complex. 

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