It’s an exciting time for the green building industry. Already innovative ideas are being expanded upon and re-envisioned in order to take sustainable design to the next level. Whether it’s about paying special attention to a building’s impact on it’s surroundings or making an interior a healthy, productive space for its occupants, 2019 is going to be design’s greenest year yet.

Photo Credit:    Wikimedia

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Looking Outwards

The green building industry is exploring how a sustainable design can better interact with the outside environment. Building as small as possible and reducing sprawl are two ways to lessen the impact on a structure’s surroundings. Instead of selecting sites and building locations within a site based on factors such aesthetics and cost savings, those in the green construction industry consider optimizing collection of solar, wind or water energy and refraining from disrupting fragile ecosystems.

Occupant Interaction

Green building isn’t only about saving resources and reducing our carbon footprint. It’s also about providing occupants with a healthy interior space designed exactly for their needs.

If the building is a place of work, that means designing the space for optimum comfort, productivity and job satisfaction. Concepts include creating “sticky” spaces – places people want to stay, as well as allowing for “peripheral participation” by creating an open flow through interiors.

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Net Zero

Certainly not a new term in the world of sustainable design, but it’s one we’re going to be hearing more of over the next year. Buildings that produce as much clean energy as they consume by way of alternative energy sources will continue to grow out of popularity – as well as necessity.

Communities filled entirely with net zero homes are already popping up, which allows individual homeowners to benefit from a shared solar battery. Initiatives will give way to standards until all new construction will need to meet net zero requirements.

The Next Step in Energy Management

So much thought has been put into the sustainable generation of energy – now it’s time to advance battery technology to keep up with the times. Self-resilient battery storage systems can help stabilize the power grid.

Microgrids – which can function independently from a traditional wide area grid – will make reliance on a single utility-based grid a thing of the past. Once energy production becomes decentralized, energy sharing will become the norm, and every building will in essence be a power plant.

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Doing the Right Thing with What We Have Left

Perhaps the most important through line in the continuing evolution of the green building industry is the idea that we need to do the right thing with what we have left. It is never too late to do better – for our planet, for ourselves and for future generations. At Cadillac Coatings, we put every effort into doing better the best way we know how – by providing you with a highly durable, environmentally friendly product.

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