Aluminium and powder coating truly are a match made in heaven. Both are eco-conscious, durable, flexible and reliable. Aluminium is a hero in the building industry as a lightweight, versatile and sleek-looking material, with the ability to perform under almost any condition. Meanwhile, powder coating is well known as a superior alternative to liquid paint thanks to its long-lasting nature – not to mention its lack of hazardous chemicals and environmental friendliness. Read on to learn even more commonalities between aluminium and powder coating – and how the stellar combination can benefit you and your next building project.

All About Aluminium

Aluminium has long been considered a trustworthy and aesthetically pleasing building material. And the reasons why are too long to count on both hands. Aluminium is a sustainable material choice thanks to its recyclability. It is malleable and can be shaped to create innovative and dynamic building features. It’s non-magnetic. It reflects radiant energy. It resists decay, erosion and stands up against the toughest weather conditions.

Aluminium is also extremely lightweight compared to other popular building materials, meaning both transporting and working with it is easier and cheaper. Lastly, it can be powder coated with any colour and any finish – making it ideal for almost any application.

All About Powder Coating

It’s almost uncanny how much powder coating and aluminium have in common. Particularly considering they serve two completely different functions. While aluminium is a material, powder coating is a finish – and yet powder coating is just as durable, weather-resistant and sustainable as aluminium. Powder coating produces an evenly distributed and consistently thick protective layer on any substrate – aluminium included.

Powder coating is also anti-weathering, anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and is just as flexible as aluminium. Plus, it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), no solvents and does not off gas. All of which are both great for human health and for the environment.

Cadillac Coatings’ one-step production line – The Paintline.

Cadillac Coatings’ one-step production line – The Paintline.

The Perfect Pair

Clearly, aluminium and powder coating go together perfectly. Sure, you can finish aluminium with traditional liquid paint. But why would you? Liquid paint is known for its uneven coat, meaning it pools in certain areas and remains thin on others. This inconsistency can lead to a host of problems.

Too thick areas are susceptible to peeling and cracking. Too thin areas expose the material beneath. And while aluminium is tough enough to handle a little exposure, an uneven finish never looks good and can compromise the overall appearance – and value – of a completed building.

Why Cadillac Coatings?

At Cadillac Coatings, we’ve been powder coating materials for over a decade. Materials like fibre cement composite, magnesium oxide board, engineered wood, medium and high density fibreboard and – of course – aluminium. And not just aluminium cladding and panelling, but trims, drip caps and flashings too. Project’s such as The Keg in Medicine Hat, Edmonton’s Mayfair Condos and Royal Centre on Ellerslie Road  feature aluminium products coated using Cadillac Coating’s patented powder coating technology. And if you’re looking for custom colours to match your brand or your vision – we’ve got you covered.

Mayfair Condos featuring powder coated aluminium panels

Mayfair Condos featuring powder coated aluminium panels

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