While it was once reserved for application on conductive materials only, powder coating can now be used on a wide variety of materials thanks to the innovative technology of Cadillac Coatings’ patented Paintline. Borrowing from inspirations like the automotive industry, where powder coating’s extreme durability is required for products that vibrate and twist as they travel down the road, Cadillac Coatings knows that long lasting, weather-resistant finishes are a must.

Why Powder Coating is Superior to Liquid Paint

Given that Alberta’s climate has an approximate temperature range between -30° Celsius and +30° Celsius, conventional liquid paint cracks, peels and splinters just doesn’t last. With powder coating, you get a finish that is twice as thick as liquid paint – making it ideal for commercial design and exterior finishing.

Seamless Edges and Contour Coverage

Our patented process ensures an even layer of powder over the entire material with no extra build up or insufficiently covered areas. This uniform finish is locked into place when the coated material goes into the curing oven, creating a shell-like coverage able to withstand the UV light, temperature fluctuations and moisture that all building exteriors are exposed to.

We’ve Got You Covered on All Sides

Cadillac Coatings offers several coverage options. Ranging from a six-sided finish, which coats all four sides of a product including the front and back, down to a one sided finish – you can customize your finishing needs based on your building’s design and the material’s specific application requirements.

Where Performance Meets Aesthetic

Architecture is a marriage between how a building works and how it looks. At Cadillac Coatings, we believe buildings and the components that make up a building must be both durable and beautiful. This is why powder coating is the perfect finishing choice for windows and door frames, signage, railings, siding, fencing and any other building component outside and in.

Tough, Yet Gentle

One of the best features of our powder coating process is that it is incredibly environmentally conscious. Not only does sustainability play a role in every stage of production – from transportation of the powder, to its no VOC application, to the collection and reuse of any overspray – but the durability of a material’s finish is what pushes it above and beyond the standards of environmentally friendly manufacturing. Whole-life performance is increased, while the interval between recoating is drastically reduced, meaning the environmental impact is drastically reduced in correlation.

Our Guarantee

Thanks to the versatility of powder coating and our wide range of colour, gloss, pattern and texture choices, there are no limits when it comes to our clients’ design dreams. Fibre cement composite, high and medium density fiberboard, magnesium composite, aluminium, wood composite and engineered wood products – we can coat them all with speed and precision, resulting in a finish we guarantee will last. Which is why we offer a 15-year warranty on our completed projects.

Taking the Industry to New Heights

Simply put, powder coating is the way of the future. With superior durability, appearance and environmental sustainability, our powder coating process cannot be beat.

To find out more about powder coating’s well-deserved reputation for hardness and durability contact us today!