The construction industry is always evolving. These days, finding ways to sustainably grow communities is the centre of this evolution. 

Growing communities need buildings, bridges, and communications towers. All of these structures are built using metal materials… But, all of these structures are susceptible to corrosion.

So... how do designers, architects, engineers and builders protect these valuable assets from deterioration? 

By being proactive – and turning to powder coating.

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion occurs when a metal undergoes a chemical reaction brought on by its surrounding environment. The type of metal and the elements that it is exposed to determine the form and rate of corrosion. 

Although all metals can corrode, some are more prone to corrosion than others. Metals that are more corrosion resistant include stainless steel and copper. 

There are many different reasons for metal corrosion and several different types such as general attack corrosion, localized corrosion, galvanic corrosion and environmental cracking.

The Cost of Corrosion 

Corrosion is a serious problem – not just because it leads to aesthetic issues, but also issues of health and safety. Corroded bridges, buildings and other metal structures pose a serious threat to the public and the cost of corrosion can take a massive toll on the finances of government agencies, business owners and individuals alike.

The World Corrosion Organization places the cost of corrosion at $2.5 trillion annually and estimates that this amount could be reduced by 25% through effective corrosion prevention.

But, proper corrosion prevention doesn’t begin once the design phase of a structure is complete. It actually needs to be a part of the initial concept, where engineers and architects work with metallurgical experts to select the proper metals and determine potential chemical reactions brought on by the building’s specific environment.

Corrosion Prevention 

So, how do we control – or completely prevent – corrosion? Removing a metal from a certain environment can help reduce or stop corrosion in some situations. 

However, in applications where the material will be directly exposed to outside elements, metal corrosion data can help determine what type of metal is suitable.

Powder coating is another important step in the corrosion prevention process. Powder coating acts as a barrier between a metal and its surrounding environment. It has the ability to repel water, stop the growth of algae and moss, protect against salt water and ice, and provides resistance against chemical exposure. 

Protecting Your Investment

Powder coating provides a durable, beautiful finish to many materials – including metals, but that’s not all it does. It also protects your investment by stopping the destructive forces of corrosion before it starts. Prevention means cost savings as well as the saving of resources, which is something we at Cadillac Coatings are very passionate about.

Powder coating is solvent-free, contains no VOCs or HAPs and overspray can be collected and reused. The application process is efficient, which curbs energy waste. 

From beginning to end, powder coating is about sustainability.

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