Businesses – such as grocery stores – put so much work into their building’s interior. From learning how customers shop to what motivates them to purchase certain items, every detail has been covered and no question has been left unanswered. At Cadillac Coatings, we believe just as much – if not more – attention needs to be paid to the exterior.  If the interior of the store is the product, then the exterior is the packaging. And we all know that well-designed packaging or a beautifully wrapped present adds to what rests inside.

Here are three ways supermarket owners can elevate their building’s exterior to new heights.

The Colour Factor

From the products we buy to the stores we shop at, colour plays an important role in our decision-making process. Research shows that humans are hardwired to associate certain colours with certain thoughts and emotions. Green is natural, blue is calming, red is passionate. What kind of grocery store do you want to be seen as? Do you sell a lot of organic products and want to be seen as fresh and earth-friendly? Are you located near a lake or ocean and want to apply the calming effect of the water to your store’s exterior? It’s not just about creating a mood either, as the right colour combination can actually increase grocery store sales.


Sign Me Up

What better way to draw attention to your store than a well-designed sign? You might think all you need is something well proportioned, carefully balanced and tasteful, but then your sign would look like everyone else’s and become invisible. A few mistakes to avoid when designing your signage are trying to make it appear understated, wanting it to blend in with its surroundings, including too much information and placing it too high. Instead, try to come up with something simple yet memorable by playing with colour, materials, and size.


Curb Appeal

Much like the exterior of a house, the exterior of a grocery store needs to have curb appeal. Why? Because a clean, well-maintained, eye-catching exterior usually means a clean, well-maintained, eye-catching interior. Here are a few suggestions of things you can do to increase your store’s curb appeal, which encourages customers to come check out if your store – and products – are just as appealing:

  • Pressure-wash your siding. Or, if necessary, replace or repaint. Don’t forget to keep your windows sparkling!

  • Maintain any green spaces or planters in summer and keep snow cleared away in winter. Consider placing potted evergreen trees out around the holidays decorated with twinkle lights and garland.

  • Take care of any hanging gutters, damaged roofing, missing bricks, or peeling paint immediately. An exterior in disrepair sets of alarms in the mind of customers.


The Wow Factor

Cadillac Coatings offers colours from any standard RAL or Pantone colour deck and are also able to colour match any shade you can find. Already have a logo or logo design in mind? We can match the colours to help maximize your branding power. Need help sprucing up the exterior of your grocery store? Or how about redesigning it entirely? We work with many high-quality cladding materials and also offer textured and metallic finishes for that added wow factor.

To find out how our powder coating solutions can help you increase supermarket sales contact us today!