The green movement has swept across the construction industry and material selection for the exterior of a building is no exception. Professionals in the field are looking for eco-friendly options when it comes to specifying finishes for their cladding choices. And, while liquid paint has long been a go-to standard, at Cadillac Coatings we ask – why paint when you can powder coat?


No VOCs, HAPs or Hazardous Materials

While traditional liquid paints contain solvents, meaning they emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), powder coating is solvent-free. Powder coating also requires less energy during the manufacturing and transportation stages because it is lighter and needs less packaging. With sustainability at the forefront of Cadillac Coatings’ application method, we have ensured our patented Paintline horizontal production line releases no off-gassing and no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).


From Paintline to Packing in Minutes

The fully automated Paintline production line has been optimized for efficiency, operating at a speed of up to 15 feet per minute. The process also requires no additional curing time, touch-up, refinishing or special handling and can take as little as five minutes to coat and cure a material with our high volume powder. The coating is evenly applied and then exposed to heat, allowing it to flow and form a hard finish. We work with building materials ranging from slate and stone veneers to wood composite to high-density fibreboard (HDF) and have ensured that any overspray can be recycled, meaning minimal waste is produced during the coating process.


A Reduced Carbon Footprint

Powder coating has a carbon footprint up to 10 times less than solvent-borne spray applied coating, making it an eco-friendly alternative to paint. While solvent borne coating technology releases 4.8 kg/m2 of CO2 into the atmosphere, powder coating has a carbon footprint of only 0.41 kg/m2.



Our Three Design Pillars: Aesthetic, Performance, and Environmental

Our passion for creating a green process through and through is why environmental friendliness is one of our three design pillars – alongside aesthetic and performance. With nearly unlimited colour options and excellent weatherability, powder coating places versatility and dependability together with sustainability.


A Rainbow of Choices

At Cadillac Coatings, the colour options are nearly endless. We provide all colours from a standard RAL or Pantone deck and also offer a matching service and base material testing to ensure powder coating will suit your design needs. Choose from a range of finishes such as smooth to textured to metallic for a customized look that fits your project perfectly.

colour matching


A Reputation for Hardness and Durability

Powder coating creates a higher quality finish and is more dependable than traditional liquid paint, which is why our projects are covered by a 15-year warranty. Our process has been used on materials for commercial, industrial, government, residential and institutional construction projects. As for durability – our exterior-grade powder coating stands the test of time even in the harshest weather conditions and has proven to retain its original colour and gloss when exposed to the elements.



The Choice for the Next Generation of Architects and Designers

For architects and designers who value high quality, long lasting and eco-consciousnesses, powder coating far outshines traditional liquid paint in any exterior application.    

To find out more about our eco friendly powder coating process contact us today!