You may think that electrocoating (e-coating) and powder coating are similar finishing processes with similar results, but that isn’t quite the truth. While both e-coated and powder coated materials have a uniform, baked-on finish, the way in which this finish is applied differs. And even though the application of both involves an electrical charge, the way in which the charge is employed differs, leading to distinct results.

So, which delivers a superior finish – e-coating or powder coating? Read on to find out!

What is Electrophoretic Deposition?

Also known as electrophoretic deposition, e-coating is considered a wet process. The chosen substrate is first immersed in a bath consisting of a water-based solution such as paint or epoxy. Particles suspended in the solution are then attached to the substrate with an electrostatic charge.

Once the desired thickness is achieved, the substrate is removed and then cured in an oven. E-coating is a popular finishing method in the automotive industry and is often used as a primer coat prior to paint application to provide better corrosion resistance.

Powder Coating: A Streamlined Process

The powder coating process contrasts the e-coating process in that a dry powder is electrostatically charged and then deposited on the material. The fact that the powder particles are charged is what allows them to adhere. The material is then cured, just as with e-coating, which causes the particles to melt and results in the desired finish.

Because of Cadillac Coatings’ patented Paintline technology, all steps in the powder coating process occur within a single piece of equipment.  An unfinished material can be fed into the Paintline and come out on the other side fully painted and cured within minutes – simple as that!

Why Durability is One of Our Design Pillars

While e-coating has its positives, namely its ability to produce an ultra-thin finish, it also has drawbacks. The durability of a Cadillac Coatings finish is something we take extreme pride in.  In fact, durability is one of the three design pillars we adhere to – along with aesthetics and sustainability. Sometimes e-coating may be followed with powder coating in order to increase the durability and add UV resistance.

Powder coatings are the most popular finishing method for materials and products that will be in direct contact with the outdoor environment and our exterior grade powders offer excellent weatherability, colour-retention and humidity resistance.

No Weaknesses

At Cadillac Coatings, we believe powder coating is a superior finishing method, which is why we back all of our work with a 15-year warranty. While e-coating and other finishing methods have their strengths, they also have their weaknesses. In our opinion, a Cadillac Coatings’ project has no weaknesses. It looks beautiful, it holds up when exposed to the toughest elements, and it achieves both of these positives while remaining eco-friendly, leaving you feeling good about your choice.

So choose Cadillac Coatings! Contact us today to learn more about all that powder coating can do.