We were hired by Steven Blue of GCCI to do some interior powder coating for the door handles, flashings, trims and baseboards for GemOro Goldsmith.


GemOro Goldsmith offers an extensive collection of timepieces, rings, chains and more from the industry's most renowned Jewellery manufacturers and our goal was to find a paint coating that would capture that same luxury.

 The exterior of the store has our powder coating on some aluminum panels that were made to highlight the store and its shadow boxes that display their advertising. The color was a custom match “Silver Gold Vein” which was chosen by the designers and owners of this store as they were very particular in a rich high quality look. This is an extremely durable powder that was also used on all of the kick bases inside and outside the store to give it the durability that would withstand the abuse of customers and floor cleaners that are used daily.

We sat down with GCCI to talk about their decision to hire us and what they thought of the experience:

Cadillac Coatings: What was the original reason you decided to use Cadillac Coatings for your business?

GCCI: We contacted a few powder coating companies in the Edmonton region in 2018 in order to seek out a company which would be able to provide the quality and level of service we would require for a very high profile project in Edmonton. We interviewed several companies and when we met Cheryl we were very impressed.


Cadillac Coatings: What was the project challenge and solution that Cadillac Coatings provided for GemOro?

GCCI: The challenge was the high content of various size and geometric metal formats that we would require coatings for. As well as the requirement for quick and attentive service, as our project was very organic and many decisions were made during the building process.

Cadillac Coatings: How satisfied were you with the color, texture and gloss of your finished product?

We were more than satisfied and completely surprised with the overall finish, durability, consistency and the finished look of the product.

At the time we were amazed at the durable finish. 2 months later, we are even more impressed with how the product has held up to exogenic damage and abuse at West Edmonton Mall.


Cadillac Coatings: Out of your entire experience working with Cadillac Coatings on this project (or in general), what was the one thing that stuck out during your experience?

GCCI: Personable, genuine service with integrity and attention to detail.

Cadillac Coatings: Have you ever had a bad experience with another powder coating company (or exterior coating company of any type) and if so, what was the issue with their service or products (you don't have to share the name, if you're not comfortable)?

GCCI: Yes, we have worked with several companies in Edmonton. For the most part, they have been good experiences. A game changer for us was when we approached a long term coater who is located closer to our office and whom we have used for several projects in the past, basically brushed us off. To this day, we still are not sure why but given the fact that Cadillac shined so bright for us, we had no choice but to pursue a relationship with them for our project.

Cadillac Coatings: When you're looking for an exterior coating option, what's most important to you? Durability? Aesthetics? Price?

GCCI: All of the above and in that order. But most important to us at GCCI, is the personal relationship we have with a trade/supplier company. That is what sets our company apart from so many General Contractors in town, is that we believe you must stand out, excel and beat the competition in the human aspect of your business, and in combination with a great product and delivery. We have that relationship with Cadillac.


Cadillac Coatings: Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience working with CC?

GCCI: Cheryl and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with and we look very forward to collaborating on many future projects with them in the future. Any company would do no wrong by choosing CC as their trusted powder coatings supplier!