There was a time when powder coating was only available for conductive materials – metals such as those found on appliances, vehicles, farm equipment, lawnmowers and patio furniture. But thanks to advancements in technology, architects and home builders can now reap the benefits by selecting Cadillac Coatings’ innovative powder coating process for all their finishing needs.

Furthermore, because of Cadillac Coatings’ patented Paintline equipment, which operates at approximately 25 feet per minute, non-conductive materials such as fibre cement composite, high and medium density fibreboard, magnesium board, aluminum, wood composite and engineered wood products can be quickly coated and ready to go with no additional curing time required.

paintline powder coating

Fibre Cement Composite

Fibre cement composite is just as it sounds – cement reinforced with fibres for extra durability. While mainly used for roofing and facade materials, fibre cement can also be found in interior applications including backer boards for tile, window sills and on ceilings and floors.

Medium and High-Density Fibreboard (MDF and HDF)

Made out of wood fibres, MDF and HDF have traditionally been used in the furniture industry, but are also frequently found in the fabrication of doors and cabinets as well as in applications where soundproofing and sound deadening are required.

powder coating cabinets

Magnesium Board

Magnesium board is often used as an alternative to conventional gypsum-based drywall and is considered a more environmentally friendly option for interior walls and ceilings, exterior walls and fencing boards, exterior sheathing, trim materials, fascia and soffits.


Considered a sustainable construction material due to its ability to be recycled, aluminum has been a popular choice of architects and designers since the early twentieth century and was featured prominently in the design of the Empire State Building in the 1930s. Aluminum is still widely used today and can be found in most aspects of building construction – from doors and windows to siding and roofing.

architectural powder coating aluminium

Wood Composite

Wood composite is made of wood fibres and thermoplastics and is an eco friendly material choice for home builders as it is often composed of recycled materials. Wood composite products include decking, fencing, cladding, moulding, trim as well as window and door frames.

Engineered Wood Products

Typically made from the same hardwoods and softwoods used to manufacture lumber, engineered wood products are designed to precise specifications and tested to meet national and international standards. Engineered wood products commonly used in architecture include plywood and oriented stand board, but can also be found in structural applications such as I-joists, I-beams and roof trusses.

powder coating process

We Have You Covered

The finishes for the range of materials we can coat with our Paintline are as diverse as the materials themselves. With smooth, micro, metallic and textured finishes for interior or exterior applications as well as a colour matching service, no matter the project – we truly have you covered. We also offer base material testing so you can be sure your material is suitable for powder coating. Plus, our 15-year warranty means you can trust that the finish on your material will stand the test of time.


To find out more about all the materials we can coat with the Paintline, contact us today!