Architects, home builders and other design professionals looking for an affordable product for all their finishing needs – look no further than Cadillac Coatings’ powder coating process. We believe you don’t have to sacrifice quality for efficiency, which is why every stage of our process is built upon the concept of doing things better for less. From shipping to material testing to a production line that outperforms the rest, we ensure that all our savings are passed on to the client.

A Lighter Product Means More Affordable Shipping

The savings provided by choosing powder coating begins before the powder has even reached our production line. Because powder coatings have no solvents, they take up considerably less space when being transported. They are lighter and smaller than solvent-born products such as liquid paint, meaning they cost less to ship.

shipping costs

Testing Prior to Coating Saves Money in the Long Run

Another way we save our clients money is by offering base material testing. Not all products are created equal and powder coating a low-quality product may result in a less than ideal finish. We pride ourselves on a beautifully coated product every time, which is why testing is so important. Once a material is found to be compatible with our process, we are able to offer a 15-year warranty on the finish.

Our Paintline Production Line Was Designed with Efficiency in Mind

Our patented Paintline production line saves money in several ways. First, it is fully automated and incredibly efficient, operating at a speed of up to 15 feet per minute. The powder coating is applied evenly, meaning no additional product pools on the material. And, because the powder uniformly covers the material from the beginning, there is no need for touch ups. After the coating stage, any overspray is collected and reused, which saves money because reducing waste keeps costs low.

paintline production

An Exterior Finish that Can Weather Anything

Powder coating is known throughout the industry for its hardness and weatherability. It is tougher and more resistant than traditional paint, which can blister, crack and peel when exposed to the elements. Powder coating has a much longer lifespan because its durability extends the interval between recoating. When compared to materials that are coated on-site, powder coating comes out on top as far as budget solutions go.

A Fast Turnaround on Interior Projects

Powder coating can also save architects, builders, and designers money on interior projects. At Cadillac Coatings, our turnaround time for an uncoated wood-based product to a coated product ready to ship is as little as one to two minutes. This is a fraction of the processing time required for conventional spray-applied coatings.

powder coating interior

A Superior Quality Finish on Any Budget

With each cost saving measure we do, our priority is to continue to offer superior quality for a price that will fit any budget. We check each coated product individually to ensure it holds up to our high standards because at Cadillac Coatings affordability and durability go hand in hand.

To find out more about how our powder coating process can save you money contact us today!