In the construction industry, certain products or processes are often used not because they are the best, but because they are the most common. Technology is always changing and busy professionals have to make decisions fast – sometimes choosing what they know over new and superior advancements. This is the case with selecting liquid paint over powder coating.

Liquid Paint is More Susceptible to the Elements

While liquid paint is thought of as trustworthy because it’s been around for such a long time, it comes with several issues that powder coating is able to sidestep. When exposed to the elements such as in an exterior setting, liquid paint can blister, crack and fade, meaning it requires frequent maintenance. Even when applied to interior surfaces, paint is susceptible to scrapes and scratches and must be touched up or redone on a regular basis.


Liquid Paint is Less Environmentally Friendly

Liquid-based paints are less environmentally friendly than powder coating because they contain solvents, meaning they release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). And while some liquid paint applicators have eliminated VOC emissions by incinerating them during the production stage, carbon is still released into the atmosphere.


Powder Coating Outperforms Liquid Paint

Enter powder coating – a solution for all of liquid paint’s downfalls. Powder coating is more economical, safer to apply, more environmentally friendly, more durable and cures at a much faster rate.


Powder Coating is More Economical

Powder coating has a transfer efficiency of 60-70%, meaning the majority of sprayed product ends up on the material. As for waste – essentially there is none. Because the overspray is solid material it can be collected and reused. In comparison, liquid paint has a transfer efficiency of 30-35%, with approximately 50% of the product evaporating. As for overspray, it cannot be reclaimed and is therefore wasted.

Powder Coating is Safer

Powder coating, like spray-painting, requires special precaution to ensure the product isn’t inhaled or transferred to skin. However, with powder coating, it’s a much easier task since the powder is solid and does not pose a health risk when it isn’t being sprayed. Cadillac Coatings takes safety one step further because our patented Paintline production line is fully automated.


Powder Coating is More Environmentally Friendly

Aside from powder coating being solvent and VOC free, disposal of any waste material requires no special handling. Liquid paint contains chemicals that are hazardous to human health as well as to the environment and extra care must be taken upon disposal.

Powder Coating is More Durable

Powder coating produces a finishing layer up to two times thicker than liquid paint. It is incredibly hard and resists chips, dents, and scratches, yet it’s highly flexible and will bend without cracking. For this reason, it’s the preferred product for materials that will be in direct contact with the public or outdoor environment.


Powder Coating has a Faster Curing Time

While liquid paint can take days to cure, or even longer depending on the atmospheric conditions, powder coating cures in minutes. A powder coated material could technically be put to work while it’s too hot to touch and there would be no damage to the finish.


Cadillac Coatings Outperforms the Competition

Powder coating has proven far superior to liquid paint on all fronts, just as Cadillac Coatings has proven far superior to our competition. Our Paintline production line is state of the art and our finishing has achieved high-performance ratings in categories such as adhesion, impact, hardness, abrasion, chemical and stain resistance reagents, light resistance, high temperature, freeze/thaw and UV/light exposure.

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