Finishing is a popular topic for those in the architectural, design, and painting industries. Residential and commercial designs differ based on the type of building, but every project is done with similar goals in mind. The finished project should be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be durable enough to withstand damage over time. Our organization specializes in architectural powder coating, a revolutionary technique used for interior and exterior finishing. This design tool is quickly gaining popularity over conventional liquid paint due to its reliable nature, solid application, and its eco-friendly reputation.


What is Architectural Powder Coating? How Does It Work?

Powder coating is an innovative way to finish architectural designs, and an emerging tool that provides an alternative to traditional liquid paint. Most of the shortcomings of traditional paints stem from their use of solvents, their ability to fade, as well as dry out an crack which requires more maintenance and eventual touch ups. 

In comparison, architectural powder coating uses dry powders that are heated and cured directly to your material, in minutes. Our patented convection technology heats and melts the power, allowing it to flow smoothly into a firm and durable final coating on the substrate surface. Given that the electrostatic technology and controlled air flow helps the material gain a firm application without the need for solvents or the creation of seams, many problems that you experience with traditional liquid paint - are avoided. Chipping, peeling, delamination, and other issues associated with liquid paints are eliminated. This can help any organization improve its overall appearance of their structure for years to come, on top of minimizing their expenses.


What Types of Organizations Utilize Powder Coating?

Quality finishing is important for any type of building. But in some cases, a structure may have special requirements when it comes to finishing. Many commercial organizations have multiple branches throughout the country and want a consistent design for each of their facilities. Most people also look for long-term affordability when designing their organization. Durable and weather-resistant materials can help organizations minimize expenses. And government agencies, non-profit organizations, and many other locations also favor powder coating due to the eco-friendly nature of its design and application process.

Understanding the Intricacies of Powder Coating

We specialize in the creation and use of architectural powder coating for a number of reasons. While this design method is a popular alternative to liquid paints, it has many variables and unique aspects that make it great for a number of surfaces. The material can be used on wood composite, oriented strand board, cement board, aluminium and more. 

And while every facility may be focused on a different set of goals, quality architecture and finishing can benefit any structure.