Every exterior finishing project is done in accordance with specific plans. Whether the client wants a specific colour emulated from a previous sample or they want to utilize multiple colours to create a very precise result, there are many design and colour options using powder coating. Those in the field of architecture and painting may have grown accustomed to the types of methods used to produce certain colours of liquid paint. But architectural powder coating can achieve a wide range of colours based off of its unique application process. Powder coating’s construction and ability to be layered make it great for a variety of surfaces in a huge array of colour options.

The colourful "Honeycomb" apartments built by OFIS arhitekti in Izola,   Slovenia   2006.

The colourful "Honeycomb" apartments built by OFIS arhitekti in Izola, Slovenia 2006.


Creating Intricate Colour Designs with Powder

Liquid paints can often be mixed in order to create new shades. But while this process can achieve a good looking result, innovative designers have been seeking alternative methods to make more distinct shades with a higher level of quality. Architectural powder coating is prepared in convection ovens, where air and heat create a uniquely-textured material free of chemical solvents. At Cadillac Coating, we provide a colour finish in any standard RAL or Pantone colour deck with a smooth micro, metallic or textured finish for interior and exterior applications. We also provide a colour matching service and base material testing to ensure the highest quality for any project - all backed up by a 15 year warranty. Thus, allowing residential and commercial design projects to have access to a broader range of higher quality, colour options for their finishing needs.


Textured interior wall, powder coated medium density fibre board. 

Textured interior wall, powder coated medium density fibre board. 

How Textured Materials Can Produce a Better Look

Powder coating works on a variety of different surfaces. These include medium density fibreboard (MDF), magnesium board, aluminum, wood composite, high density fibreboard (HDF) and more. Powder coating has a smooth and consistent finish, resulting in a high gloss, hard seal more durable and weather resistant than anything conventional liquid paint can produce. Powder coating can also be applied quickly and evenly to any textured surface, making it ideal for coating projects with unique shapes, details, textures or patterns. In addition to this, powder coating resists fading, peeling and chipping so it can maintain its colour and texture much longer without the need for touch ups.


Designs That Hold Up Well to Atmospheric Conditions

Even if a finishing project is completed with high-quality liquid paints that are the precise colour a customer desires, the design can diminish over time in the sun and other harsh weather conditions. Liquid paint is known to fade, and in some cases even chip or crack. Powder coating has become popular in the field of architecture due to its strong construction.

Powder coatings have a well-deserved reputation for hardness and durability. They are widely used in the appliance and automotive industries, as well as on lawnmowers, mountain bikes, motorcycles, farm equipment, patio furniture and other well worn items. For this reason, powder coatings are preferred for finishings that will be in direct contact with the public or outdoor environment. Windows and door frames, storefront signage, railings, siding and fencing are some common architectural applications where the hardness of powder coatings are very beneficial. The result is a uniform, durable, high quality finish that is known as powder coating.  

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