Architecture involves more than creating impressive structures. It’s about utilizing innovative solutions to accomplish multiple goals. Everyone wants their structure to be visually appealing, but durability is also one of the most important factors to focus on during the design process. And with a great emphasis being placed on environmentalism in recent years, it’s becoming more and more important to consider eco-friendly materials. Architectural powder coating is a revolutionary technique that is quickly replacing liquid paint in the field of architecture. More people use powder coating for external finishing due to its ability to offer increased durability without sacrificing on looks or posing environmental hazards.

The Unmatched Durability of Powder Coating

Liquid paint has always been a popular component of exterior architectural design. But recent developments in the use of high-volume powder coating have provided tougher and longer-lasting results. While edge damage is common among painted surfaces, powder coating has no seams and therefore it will not chip, peel, or delaminate. In addition, our powder coating material is heated and cured in the oven to provide extra strength against harsh atmospheric conditions. Given that powder does not require a solvent, it has a much tougher finish that does not wear down over time. But the powdered texture is not only good for durability – it also has many advantages in terms of the visual result.

A Smoother and More Consistent Appearance

Conventional liquid paint has its imperfections from a design standpoint. Quality exterior finishing has a consistent appearance throughout. But liquid paints may fade, run, or even show seams. The uniform nature of properly-applied powder coding means that a more natural and authentic finish can be achieved without losing out on durability. Items like panelling, siding, window frames, door frames, hand railings, and commercial signs are usually powder coated so they can maintain a pleasant appearance while still holding up well to wear and harsh outdoor environmental conditions. These materials are also less harmful to the environment as a result of their construction.

Strong and Eco-Friendly Materials

Some people may assume that a more secure exterior material can only maintain its durability through the use of harsh chemical agents. On the contrary, the build-up of powder coating makes it a top choice for those who want to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Even the preparation period for powder coating doesn’t release emissions that harm the environment.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta our organization specializes in the application and use of powder coating in large scale residential and commercial architectural design. To find out more about our process and how this durable material could help with your design needs, contact us today!