At the heart of Cadillac Coatings is the Paintline. Not just because it takes an unfinished product and turns it out with a high-quality powder coating, but because it’s the result of years of hard work and ingenuity on behalf of our president Dennis Pidzarko. What began as a primitive conveyor system designed and operated out of Dennis’ home is now a massive horizontal one-step production line with the potential to add the precise finishing touch to any design project.

On the Lookout for Something Innovative

In his 25 years as owner of a custom cabinet shop, Dennis was constantly on the lookout for new products and ideas. When he came across an aluminum handrail with a powder coating finish, he knew right away he had found something special. While the products he typically worked with – such as paint and varnish – used harsh solvents and took a long time to apply and cure, powder coating is solvent-free and therefore much more environmentally friendly. Further, its application and it only takes a few minutes to cure, rather than a few hours. 

cadillac powder coatings

Enter the Paintline

While Dennis originally set out to create a machine that would apply powder coating to wood, he came to realize there wasn’t a significant market for coated hardwood products alone. So he switched gears and developed the Paintline to powder coat a variety of non-conductive materials. From magnesium board to fiber cement composite to engineered wood products – the Paintline handles it all.

Buzz About the Paintline

Dependable, durable, and innovative, our patented Paintline technology turns out quality work time and time again and has caught the attention of architects and builders alike. It also won first place in the second annual Canada-wide Innovation of the Year Competition in 2015, where the judges referred to our work at Cadillac Coatings as “a truly innovative approach.”

Fully Automated Means Fully Efficient

After our employees feed in unfinished materials such as aluminum, high-density fiberboard or wood composite – the Paintline takes over. With the ability to apply just one layer of powder coating, bake and cure a product in minutes, the Paintline’s efficiency cannot be beaten. Plus, because our coating is applied as a free-flowing powder, a uniform finish can be guaranteed every time.

architectural powder coating finish

A New Generation of Architecture and Commercial Design

Thanks to the Paintline, design professionals now have access to an unlimited range of colour and texture options when it comes to their exterior finishing needs – as well as an unparalleled level of quality. And powder coating isn’t just for exterior applications such as siding. We can also coat materials for interior use.

Aesthetic + Performance + Sustainability

At Cadillac Coatings, we have three pillars of design – aesthetic, performance and sustainability. With each project, how the resulting product looks, its dependability, and its environmental impact are our top priorities. That’s why we offer a 15-year warranty. We believe in the Paintline and we believe in our process. Let us show you why.

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